Raúl Cuero

Chief Science Advisor

Raul Cuero, Ph.D.

Dr. Cuero holds many inventions in the area of biotechnology related to pharmaceutical, medical, environmental, and agriculture and food. Currently, his main trust of research is in the area of synthetic biology. Some of his inventions are already patented, or patent pending, or in process for patent submission. He's also an author of many scientific publications. Creativity is Dr. Cuero's driving force, and one of his main purposes is to train young people to become inventors. Thus, he founded the International Park of Creativity for young people; and has also written several books on creativity.


Dr. Cuero holds a PhD degree in Microbiology from Strathclyde University, UK, a M.Sc. in Plant Pathology from The Ohio State University, USA, B.Sc. in Biology from Heidelberg University, USA, and a Biology Degree from Universidad del Valle, Colombia. He also holds two Honorary Doctor degrees. Also, he is a recipient of numerous scientific and/or professional recognitions. Dr. Cuero has a worldwide scientific experience in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Currently, he is an international consultant on science and biotechnology, residing in the United States.
Website: www.raulcuero.com

Michael B. Easley

Member / Director / President

Michael B. Easley is a seasoned business consultant and entrepreneur.  In Mike's 40-year plus career as a certified public accountant, he has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in all facets of "a successful deal", including valuation, acquisition, disposition, due diligence, negotiation, mergers & acquistions, family succession,  and tax structure optimization.  Individually, Mike invests in, directs and owns a variety of privately held businesses.

As president of BioCapital Holdings, LLC, Mike oversees the company's research and development programs, intellectual property product selections and advancement, investor relations and financial  growth.  BioCapital's growing success presents significant hurdles, but promises tremendous rewards.

Charles A. Roe

Member / Director / Sr. Vice President

Charles A. Roe has a background as a certified public accountant and is a licensed registered investment advisor.  Charles has in-depth experience in successfully guiding clients through financial investment alternatives. As a senior vice president of BioCapital, he takes an active role in the operational side of BioCapital, including market research, production analysis, product development, strategic planning and implementation.

Brian Tamplen

Senior Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning

Brian Tamplen is a 30 year industry veteran in commodities, investments, and finance helping companies to navigate cash flow, risk management, and asset optimization.

Mr. Tamplen holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Tyler and an MBA from The University of Massachusetts.

Dan Reid

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Reid brings over 25 years of experience combining functional subject matter expertise with enterprise technical architectures, and is widely published in magazines such as Wall Street & Technology and CRO Magazine.

Mr. Reid holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science and patent #7571138:"Method, system and program for credit risk management utilizing credit limits".

Danae Stephenson

Director of Administration

Danae Stephenson has over 20 years in the software and technical professional services industry specializing in the area of Resource Management, Administration and Operations with Gimmal LLC, BSG Consulting, Align Solutions, which went public as Luminant Worldwide. This includes experience in resource staffing, human resources, accounting/finance, legal, and facilities management as well as involvement in startup infrastructure, mergers, acquisitions and due diligence.  She also spent several years consulting in the Planning and Project Management areas with BSG and Lockheed Engineering and prior to that in the banking industry.  She holds a BS in Finance from the University of Houston.
As Director of Administration of BioCapital Holdings, LLC, Danae oversees the management of the company's research and development laboratory including human resources, procurement and facility management.